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spent the morning sleeping in and listening to ella fitzgerald with the nice old man who comes and cleans our bathroom every wednesday. i left my door open and turned the music up so he could hear her lovely voice. i hope he appreciates ella.

"just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. where there is love and inspiration, i don’t think you can go wrong.” -ella fitz.

oh, how i wish i could’ve met this woman.  

romantic sponges, they say, do it
oysters down in oyster bay do it
let’s do it, let’s fall in love.

that song reminded me of the ocean & oysters.

subsequently, i happened to be in the middle of thinking about my classes, and thought of this poem:

"O Oysters, come and walk with us!"
The Walrus did beseech.
"A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk,
Along the briny beach:
We cannot do with more than four,
To give a hand to each.”

The eldest Oyster looked at him,
But never a word he said:
The eldest Oyster winked his eye,
And shook his heavy head—
Meaning to say he did not choose
To leave the oyster-bed.

But four young Oysters hurried up, 
All eager for the treat:
Their coats were brushed, their faces washed,
Their shoes were clean and neat—
And this was odd, because you know,
They hadn’t any feet.

from The Walrus and the Carpenter, Lewis Carroll (1872)

i need to learn how to become the wise, eldest oyster.
but at this time in my life i think i’d follow the walrus and the carpenter like the little ones, and be (figuratively) eaten up.

i wish i could be at the ocean. i miss my brother.


nada valgo sin tu amor


me siento débil cuando estoy sin ti, y me hago fuerte cuando estás aquí
sin ti yo ya no sé que es vivir, mi vida es un túnel sin tu luz

quiero pasar más tiempo junto a ti, recuperar las noches que perdí
vencer el miedo inmenso de morir, y ser eterno junto a ti

porque nada valgo, porque nada tengo si no tengo lo mejor
tu amor y compañía en mi corazón

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